Entry Criteria for Home Students

Standard Route:

As a potential student for Undergraduate Courses you will be expected to have one of the following academic qualifications to join:

  • A recognised level 3 qualification from the UK, (GCSE’s and A levels)
  • Any international qualification compared at level 3, (I.e. Romanian or French Baccalaureate or BA from India/Pakistan)

Non-Standard Route:

Mature students (over 21 years of age) that do not have level 3 qualifications will be expected to have At least 2 years’ experience in any field,  an interest in the subject, be able to demonstrate their motivation for the subject, and complete:

  • An interview
  • An English Assessment Test

*Note: All non-UK qualification will be compared through UK NARIC; translation may be required if qualification is not in English, and if not comparable through UKNARIC.

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Admission Process

Step 1: Make an appointment for Application assessment or discuss your area of interest with one of our Education Consultant.

Step 2: Complete the application form by providing all the relevant information required. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Ulster University
  • University of Roehampton 

Provide the following documents:

Up to-date CV with all the Educational and professional information in last 5 years.

2.      Proof of ID; Copy of Passport/Nationality Identity Card. If the student does not have either of  these documents, they must submit a Birth Certificate (if born in the UK)

3.      Qualification documents (English translation required if the certificate(s) and the transcript(s) are in the native language)

4.      Work experience letter or reference from an employer (if applying as a mature student)

5.      Proof of address

6.      Statement of Purpose.