Pre Departure Briefing

We provide students who applied abroad with a pre-departure briefing. Each student is provided with a ‘Pre-departure Booklet’ which covers all aspects of the initial travel and subsequently the stay during his or her study period. It gives specifics on all the minute details, like the packing list of all the items you can take when you go to higher education.

 Seminars and activities are often arranged from time-to-time. It provides an overview of the immigration process, information on the life of a student in foreign countries, an opportunity to speak to alumni members returning from studies abroad, an introduction to resources useful to students abroad and also a meeting for higher studies with other students going abroad. All these help to ensure that you are well settled and ready to start your studies.

Our Core Values

  • Latest subject areas and specializations

  • Identifying the best-suited universities and destinations – National and International

  • Exploring and applying at post-graduate scholarships- National and International

  • Making a professional CV and Statement-of-Purpose

  • Finding and applying for internships globally

  • Job interview preparations

  • Helping to write appropriate research synopsis for PhD programs

  • Do’s and don’ts for getting high marks in exams and projects