Career Counseling

How We Find out Best for You!!

It’s a big decision to apply for studies abroad and that’s why we don’t restrict our counseling to only selecting the right country and university, but broadens it to making the right ‘career decision.’ First, our educational counselors aim to understand your educational history and your career aspirations and then recommend programs that fit your interests in countries and universities. Take part in a free session with our expert counselors who, based on your profile, will help you select the right career path. Learning from others is of crucial importance when it comes to taking charge of improving your career. That’s why there is such importance for mentoring and career conversations. Which country to go for studies? Which course will lead to the best career? Which university is recognized and has high records for placement? These questions and concerns can at times be daunting and we fully understand this at London Education. We emphasize your priorities and guide you to keep your ambitions in mind. We’re just a call away from here!

Our Core Values

  • Latest subject areas and specializations

  • Identifying the best-suited universities and destinations – National and International

  • Exploring and applying at post-graduate scholarships- National and International

  • Making a professional CV and Statement-of-Purpose

  • Finding and applying for internships globally

  • Job interview preparations