One of the safest and most beautiful countries in the world is New Zealand. It has become one of the most attractive destinations for foreign students, with outstanding study opportunities and world-class education. Significant numbers of foreign students choose to study in New Zealand every year because of its low cost of living and exclusive facilities. You can study in New Zealand if you want to experience the best education with reasonable fees.

Reasons to study in New Zealand

Internationally recognized Universities

New Zealand's universities and institutions are recognized and praised worldwide. New Zealand's education system is highly respected by employers across the globe. Universities here have marked their place in the 2018 QS World Rankings.

Tuition Fees & Expenses

Due to its lower annual tuition fees and low living costs for many courses, New Zealand is the ideal destination for Asian students to study abroad. New Zealand's living costs are lower than other destinations for studying abroad, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Great food, options for comfortable accommodation and transport facilities are readily available in the country at affordable costs.

Quality Learning

The New Zealand education system is based on the British education model. New Zealand’s higher education programs are well known for their quality of teaching and advanced facilities. The government of New Zealand gas excellent quality assurance systems to monitor and ensure quality education. Students can immensely benefit with their practical oriented education and excellent teaching standards.

Beautiful Country

With extremely beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, and unique biodiversity, New Zealand is a curiously fascinating country. New Zealand provides fantastic outdoor experiences for anyone who is looking for adventure, including white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, etc. Whilst living in New Zealand, there are still new things to do and enjoy all the time.

Study and work

Students tend to work to cover their living costs and get professional experience while they research and study. In New Zealand, students can work 20 hours a week during the study period and full time during the scheduled holidays with a student visa. In sectors like retail, hospitality, banking, finance etc., there are many part-time opportunities available. Many students find part-time jobs within campus.

Safe and Stable Society

With a rich lifestyle, New Zealand is a healthy and stable country. New Zealand is the second happiest, stable and secure country out of 163 countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2017. There is political stability and low crime rates. The people of New Zealand embrace and appreciate other cultures and warmly welcome international students in the country, regardless of religion, caste and gender.

New Zealand Universities Under Navitas

  • University of Canterbury International College

New Zealand Universities Under ONCAMPUS

  •  University of Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences