Studying in Ireland will provide you with an excellent start to a good career. Ireland ranks highly for the standard of education, which meets the requirements of a competitive economy, plus the transfer of expertise between universities and foreign businesses. It is a lot of fun as well.

Reasons to study in Ireland

Rich sense of community

Some of the happiest people you'll ever meet are Irish. Everyone wants to have a laugh and enjoy themselves, whether you're at a hurling match, at the bar or attending a spring concert in the park.


The Irish are known for their welcoming nature. In their culture, hospitality plays a large role, so you'll probably get to know a lot of locals right away. While social circles are very strong (among locals), friendships also last a lifetime.

Dublin – a student’s city

Many renowned universities are located in Dublin. It's also home to a significant foreign community of students. If this is not reason enough, praises Dublin's particularly friendly atmosphere, great global diversity as a constant attraction for international students looking for an environment that is particularly friendly.

Visa requirements

Ireland, a member of the EU and EEA (European Union and European Economic Area), permits residents of other EU and EEA countries to travel without a visa (you need to be registered as a student, for ex. to be able to stay longer than three months, or work).

Understanding the accent

Knowing the Irish accent calls for some extra effort. You will encounter various levels of the Irish accent, ranging from sweet and melodic to somewhat nonsensical, as you travel from one area of Ireland to another.

Low costs

Dublin is much cheaper than major metropolitan centers such as London or New York, a particular benefit for students who need to handle a smaller budget and find cheap accommodation.