You must have wondered about the progressive politics of Sweden and the much-famous welfare system. Or maybe you've adored photos of its beaches and mountains shared on social media platforms. But did you know that some of the world's most prestigious universities are also located in Sweden?

Reasons to study in Sweden

Banish rote learning forever

Swedish schools and universities empower students to think creatively about pressing problems in informal, non-hierarchical classrooms with a strong focus on holistic thought and sustainability in a concerted attempt to educate the planet's future problem solvers and world leaders.

Protect the environment and defend sustainability.

Sweden, the most sustainable country in the world with the highest renewable energy percentage in the EU, is a lucrative study destination abroad for students interested in sustainable energy and protection of the environment.

Attend a terrific university, with a scholarship.

The Swedish Institute, as well as a number of other top Swedish universities, provides scholarships to foreign students on the basis of nationality, merit and economic background in order to attract and help talented students from around the world.

Be yourself!

According to Business Insider, Sweden is the world's most equitable country and known for being ahead of the LGBTQ rights curve. Sweden is known for its contribution to diversity. Nearly 15 percent of the Swedish population are immigrants (1st-generation), while one in five children in Sweden has relatives from another country.

Find a job after you graduate.

There are a variety of multinational companies based in Sweden, and there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious graduates, particularly for engineers, developers of software, architects, or any of these high-demand jobs.

Experience the much-discussed (and praised) Swedish Model.

The welfare system of Sweden is amazing. Free health insurance, sick leave, childcare and schooling, state support in a number of ways to make life easy, as well as 18 months of paid paternity leave per child are some of the advantages of working in Sweden.